What is the best dog food

You want to feed your dog as healthy as possible, but what is the best dog food? Below are all kinds of dog food, in order from healthiest to less healthy. The different types of food can also be combined.

What is the best dog food

All kinds of best dog food

  • Raw meat feed
  • Freeze food
  • Air-dried food
  • Wet food
  • Dry food: chunks and dinner
  • Snacks

1. Raw meat feed

The most healthy diet for most dogs is raw meat nutrition, this fits best with the digestive system of the dog and gives the smallest risk of health complaints. Many dogs with unexplained health problems feel better when they switch to raw meat nutrition. Automatic cat feeder for multiple cats

You can put together a menu for your dog, with meat products in the right proportions. You can decide for yourself what you do, and the quality of the food you have in your own hands. You can adapt the menu well to the specific needs of the dog, for example in diseases.

2. Freeze feed

The closest thing to raw food is freeze-dried food. Because it is dried at low temperatures, the proteins stay raw and almost all nutrients are preserved. In principle, it is raw food, but without the moisture and bacteria, so that it stays well outside the freezer. You can also combine this well with raw meat food.

3. Air-dried feed

By drying at relatively low temperatures, most nutrients remain in the meat and the protein remains raw. It is just like freeze-dried food, basically raw meat food without the moisture and bacteria. Because it is dried at higher temperatures than lyophilized food, there is a little more ‘damage’ to the meat and nutrients.

4. Wet food

Wet food is food that still contains moisture and where all bacteria are killed by heating (sterilization). Because it is then packaged airtight, it is sustainable without preservatives. A disadvantage compared to raw meat food is that the food is heated, so the proteins have changed (denaturation) and nutrients have been lost. Wet food is available as canned food, meat sausages, trays, tubs and bags (also called pouches). Wet food is available in many qualities.

5. Dry food

Dry food is very easy to feed, and if you want to feed very cheaply you also end up with lumps. It is available in the form of chunks, and dinner (chunks in powder form). We see that dry food poses the greatest risk of health problems, but there are also dogs that grow old in health. There are big differences in quality dry food, where the cheapest brands also cause health problems more often than higher quality lumps. Best Dog Crate For Separation Anxiety

6. Snacks

Remember that every type of snack you give to your dog and cat is part of their daily calorie intake. If you feed your dog and cat with weight management food and give exercise every day, but you and your family continue to provide high-carbohydrate snacks, their weight will continue to grow. Give snacks to a minimum, and try healthy snacks like fruits.

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