What is processed food

Right now, surely you can easily find processed food. When walking to supermarkets or minimarkets you will find many processed foods in packaging. You also often buy it. But, actually consuming too much processed food is not good for your health. What is the reason?

What is processed food

What is processed food?

Processed foods are foods that have passed certain processes, such as heating, drying, canning, freezing, packaging, and so on. This process is intentionally carried out on food for a specific purpose. Like, so that nutrients in food are more, food is more delicious, food is more durable, and so on.

With these various goals, it means that not all processed foods are a bad choice. Some foods do need to be processed to make them safer when eaten. For example, heating the milk to kill harmful bacteria in it.

Why do processed foods have a bad impact on health?

Food that is processed and through a long process is actually not detrimental, but it can also be said to be detrimental to health if eaten too much or too often. Why? Content in processed foods can usually be detrimental to health if too much enters the body.

The following are the reasons why most processed foods are said to have adverse effects on health:

  • Usually contains high sugar

Sugar levels that are too high in the body, can certainly harm your health. Sugar can increase calories that enter the body, causing weight gain. High sugar levels in the blood can also cause diabetes.

  • Contains high salt

Every preserved food must contain high salt (sodium). Either to add flavor, for the purpose of preservation, or other purposes. This is certainly not good for health, considering our salt needs (adults) every day only 6 grams (1 teaspoon). Too much salt that enters our body can cause hypertension.

  • Contains high fat

In addition to high sugar and salt, foods that have gone through the process usually also contain high levels of bad fats. Too much bad fat in the body can increase the risk of oxidation and inflammation in the body. In addition, it also risks developing heart disease.

  • Many are low in nutrition

In some cases, foods that go through a long process have low nutrient levels so that they are added with synthetic vitamins and minerals to replace lost nutrients. However, these synthetic vitamins and minerals are certainly not better than the nutrients naturally contained in unprocessed food. So, the nutrients you get from processed foods can be less than you get from natural foods that have not been processed.

  • Tends to be low in fiber

In fact, fiber is needed by our body. Fiber can accelerate your digestive system, so you avoid digestive problems, such as constipation. Fiber is also a food for good bacteria in the intestine. By eating fiber, you also feel fuller, so that not too many calories enter your body every day.

  • Contains artificial materials

Have you ever read ingredients in processed foods? Do you understand what is meant there? Most people may not understand this because it is an artificial chemical that is added to food for certain purposes. best air fryer reviews

How is it healthier to eat processed foods?

Indeed, to be free from dependence on processed food is very difficult today. These foods make our lives far more practical. However, that does not mean you can just eat processed foods. If your life wants to be healthier, you should do the following tips for eating processed foods.

  • Not too often consume processed foods in packaging
  • Read the label information on nutritional value before consuming processed foods, pay close attention to the content of sugar, salt (sodium) and fat
  • Pay attention to the expiration date before buying processed food
  • Don’t forget to eat vegetables, you can combine them with processed foods

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