Kitchen Cookware Guide

The pots have been with us for a long time, almost since the existence of man. If we watch any documentary, we see how our ancestors cooked with the pots they created themselves. Pans are essential in our daily life, so deciding which models to have at home is very important.

Which pans are suitable for which kitchen? Which pans can you cook better with? There are many types of cookware and many materials, so the answers to these questions will help you decide between one pan or another. Check out our cookware guide and cook all the delicious meals designed for your home with much more pleasure and ease.

How is My Kitchen?

The most important thing, before choosing your pan, is to know what type of cuisine you have. The electric stove is the easiest option because the ceramic plates are heated electrically and the heat heats the pans.

Stainless steel is great because it is very resistant and easy to clean. What happens is that stainless steel does not have high thermal conductivity, but there is no problem. Some pans are also known as “sandwiches” because their bottom is covered with an aluminum cover and therefore the heat is perfectly stored and your meal will be followed.

The gas stove allows us to cook with the flame of the fire, which heats our pans. Many professional cooks use this type of cuisine, because they can control the strength of the fire, and therefore their cooking power is maximized. For the gas stove, the ideal is to use copper cookware, because they have much more thermal conductivity than the others: the result will be perfect and there is no more to worry about!

In addition, these pans are super hygienic since bacteria are incompatible with copper. The copper pans have a slightly irregular bottom, which makes them unsuitable for the ceramic cooktop. It is also recommended not to keep food scraps in your copper pots – use a plastic pot!

If your kitchen is induction cooking, it is necessary to use special cookware, such as ferromagnetic cookware, so that ferromagnetic energy works well and allows you to have your food ready as soon as it generates heat. Again, the pots used for this type of cooking are made of stainless steel, but it is possible to buy other more efficient pots.

It is also quite common to use aluminum, enamel or cast iron. The latter type, which often has baking sheets, heat very well and generates uniform heat that is easily maintained.

Tips for Choosing Cookware

There are undoubtedly a few things you should know before buying pots: when cooking, make sure the lid of the pot is in place, otherwise, the water may evaporate and the heat will escape, in order to take longer for the food to get ready.

Glass cookware is also well known, used especially if you are cooking ingredients that take longer to make. Remember this when making rice in your pans! In addition, with this type of glass lid, you do not have to open the pan to check how your food is doing, being able to monitor it without removing the lid. It is also possible to bet on glass cookware, adding beauty to this functional object.

And who doesn’t think about the pot handles when buying? Nobody wants to get burned, so it is better to buy a pan with a sturdy handle: it can even be made of plastic and if it is still very hot, you can always catch it with the help of a cloth or glove.

Which Pans Do I Need?

If you have a normal kitchen, where you cook simple or not very elaborate things, with some medium or small pots, you will have more than enough. A large pan for Sunday lunch and a frying pan for making fries or omelets is enough.

If you like to cook a lot and like to save time, you can choose a pressure cooker, in which you can cook many things and much faster, instead of getting up early to prepare everything. For those who do not have time to keep up with the meals while they are being made, there is the electric pan!

How to Clean Cookware

If your pan is made of stainless steel, it is very simple: just wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine, without complications. But if your pot or pan is coated, be careful when washing, as the coating can be damaged. As for iron pans, wash them with soap, a sponge and cloth, they look much better! Copper pots tend to have rust, so you can’t soak them for long, so always dry them with a dry cloth.

Whatever your pots are, don’t forget that if you are confused and have food stuck together, you can always soak the pot in water for a few minutes or purchase a non-stick pot!

Did you like the information we prepared for cookware for you? Get inspired by the tips left here and renew the formation of your kitchen with practical utensils, efficient pots and charming pieces for your home! With the right pan, you will bring more ease, harmony, and well-being to your composition! Be it a glass, non-stick or iron pan your biggest wish for the kitchen.

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