Kitchen Accessories Guide: Dish and Plate

Kitchen Accessories Guide: Dish and Plate

There are parts in our house that are indispensable in everyday life. The dish is one of them. Stop a little and think about your routine without this object. It is practically impossible to think of something like that. It is with the dish that meals can be served in a practical and functional way so that we enjoy each ingredient in a comfortable and quiet way. However, do you know how to choose the ideal dish model according to what you will offer for lunch or dinner?

So that there is no doubt, We selected some tips for not making a mistake in this very important moment. Here, you will learn which food to put in the deep dish and which to go to the shallow dish, for example. In addition, we have separated some rules of etiquette when it comes to setting up the table. Check out all this and more!

Choosing the Ideal Dish

Kitchen Accessories Guide: Dish and Plate
Kitchen Accessories Guide: Dish and Plate

When buying utensils for your home, keep in mind that each dish has a specific purpose according to the meal served. The deep-dish, for example, is suitable for serving soups and broths, as it prevents the liquid from leaking out of the container, making the experience more comfortable and comfortable. If you are going to serve a pasta that has a lot of sauce, use this template too. However, be aware: to offer separate creams and sauces, choose a small bowl or sauceboat. They should never be provided in deep dishes.

The shallow dish is ideal for placing the main meal. Some models have slightly higher edges, so that nothing slips out when cutting food, such as meat, for example.

To sweeten, the candy is served on a dessert plate, which is always smaller than the previous two. Do not forget to accompany it with the ideal cutlery for this function.

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Shallow dish

The most common and used of the dishes, when choosing the ideal material for the flat plate, take into consideration aspects such as durability, style of the piece, versatility, colors that are in harmony with the other items… The possibilities are numerous, but for To ensure that the parts are used for a long time, choose the following flat plate materials:

  • Flat glass plate: transparent and elegant, it will be ideal for everyday life and for table compositions with bold accessories.
  • Acrylic flat plate: gives a visual effect similar to the glass plate, but it is more durable, perfect for parties and family gatherings.
  • Flat porcelain plate: porcelain is the standard material for the most traditional and refined plate sets. It is usually the most coveted item on the wedding lists and therefore it should be chosen strategically according to the couple’s taste in a way that permeates time and specific trends.
  • Natural materials: if you want to dare and guarantee a tropical visual effect to the table composition, look for bamboo, wood and fiber dishes and complete with textiles in warm colors.

Square Plate

Round plates have been used for a long time by everyone. They are delicate and fulfill the role of serving food in a cozy and practical way at the table. The square plate came as an innovation in the market. In the past, round plates were manufactured in this format because they were the format that machines could make. Then, with technological advances in glass and porcelain forms, the square plate came with everything to innovate and bring modernity and simplicity to the table.

It fell so much in the taste of a well-decorated table and allied with impeccable design that we can find snack bars and complete square plate sets. The square plate is perfect for any time at the table and there are no restrictions on its use. Just a few precautions when combining the different print options and so many color options that you will surely not resist!

Types of Square Plate

Currently, it is possible to find different types of the square plate to buy. To use a square dish there is no secret, it basically follows the same rule as the round ones, being just more modern and full of personality, because it is unusual.

The square plate games are increasingly attractive and with several varieties of options. You find them in 6-piece square plate sets for shallow dishes or dessert dishes. The kits also offer pieces such as deep square plate and also with coffee saucers. So if you need a complete set of square plates, you will find super complete sets with up to 42 pieces. If you prefer, you can first invest in a  separate square dish, but you will surely fall in love!

The square plate is also sold in different colors, as a square black plate, plain white, with polka dot prints, golden edges and in the oriental style. So, to create a harmonious and surprising table with the square plate, use a patterned placemat and mix different colors of plates to brighten up your table. To balance, invest in plain napkins, to add delicacy to your table.

Now that you know about the different square plate options, you can choose the one that suits you best and have a little set to, from time to time, vary with the round plates on special occasions with loved ones.

The Dish and the Rules of Etiquette

Rules of etiquette on the table are important for us to know how to behave at mealtimes in any environment. Thus, lunches and dinners become more harmonious and pleasant.

When setting up the table, pay attention to the position that all utensils must occupy. In the center, where the person will sit, the containers in which they will serve the food should be first the soups plat, above it the shallow dish and, on top of it, the deep dish. If serving bread, the specific dish for this food should be in a northwest position in relation to the center. To the right of the plates they must stay, following the logic of “outside-in”, the soup spoon, the knife for the entrance and the knife for the main dish. On the left side of the plates, the napkin, the fork for the starter and the fork for the main dish are placed.

To indicate that you are already satisfied and finished eating, place the used cutlery on the plate in parallel. In addition, the bases must be located downwards and the knife must always remain above or to the right of the fork.

Finally, when the meal is finished and everything has already been served, such as dessert and coffee, place the cloth napkin on the right side of the plate without folding, in order to indicate that it has been used.

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