Inversion Table Therapy Using Back Inversion Tables

There are plenty of reasons people use inversion table for therapy. Whether old or young, inversion table therapy is essential to an everyday healthy type of lifestyle.

Many benefits that all people who use inversion tables experience include maintaining your height. Regularly using the inversion table will avoid the ‘shrinkage’ caused by age because of cumulative effect of gravity over time.

It also improves your blood circulation throughout your body. While inverted, your body can circulate a better flow of blood throughout your body assisted by gravity rather than having it work against it.

We all have stiff muscles, but most people do not realize the great effect of gravity while being inverted helping the lymphatic system clear faster relieving those stiff muscles.

The remedy for stress relief is most definitely a necessity in today’s society, and can we really afford to not have something so portable in our home to help relieve this stress? The answer is a full body stretch is rejuvenating! And while the teeter inversion table makes relaxation easier than ever, it’s a no-brainer that having an inversion table in your home is a necessity!

Another key essential point to using inversion tables is the increase in Mental Alertness that it provides with a boost of more oxygen to the brain, now making you remember where you put the keys to the car.

With inversion tables increasing flexibility and range of motion, improves posture, and most importantly realigns the spine after workouts, acquiring a Teeter Inversion Table along with a pair of Gravity Boots is no doubt, the most essential key to a healthy, painless life.

Back Relief Equipment – Inversion Equipment For Lower Back Pain Relief

With over 85% of all back pain symptoms being unidentifiable, the only way to achieve lower back pain relief is through the use of inversion equipment.

There are many forms of inversion equipment and the wide variety of tables and hang ups allow for a completely user specific workout. Just minutes of hanging in an inverted state can save your years of lower back pain in the future.

From the original inversion table design made 20 years ago, to the magnificently evolved state of the hang up gravity boots, a custom back relief unit is available for every victim of lower back pain.

Why wait until surgery becomes the only answer? Relive compression now and easily with a short inversion exercise that produces incredibly long-lasting effects.

Back relief equipment is not restricted to adults only. Even children can benefit from the use of the inversion table. Under careful supervision and assistance, a child can help prevent improper posture and scoliosis early on in their life.

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