April 4, 2020

How to turn off auto brightness windows 10

One significant change in Windows 10 is a step that allows users to change screen brightness. Until now, there are still some Windows users who have trouble finding this screen brightness setting.

Basically, to change the screen brightness on Windows 10, it’s not difficult. There are only a few different steps if you were previously a Windows 8, 7 or below user.

To change the brightness of this screen, the user is given a slider button that allows it to be shifted according to the desired screen brightness level. This slider button is in the Display settings. So you can simply point your windows PC to that window.

For more details, here are the steps:

How to Change Windows 10 Screen Brightness

  1. Tap the Windows icon “Start” button
  2. then navigate to “Settings” the gear icon.
  3. Select “System” and then select “Display”
  4. Under the Brightness and Colors menu, switch the slider button that says “Change brightness”.
  5. Adjust to the brightness level you want.

Disables Automatic Brightness of Windows 10

Some of these computer devices automatically adjust screen brightness based on light conditions. To see if your computer uses this function, please navigate to the Display settings, and in the “Brightness and Color” menu, see below “Change brightness automatically when lighting changes” menu.

If there is this menu, please check the side column. This way the computer will adjust the screen brightness based on the level of the slider button that you previously adjusted.

Vital Records:

You might not see the “Change brightness” slider button menu on your computer or you still don’t see changes. This can happen when you use an external monitor display device.

So if you experience this, please update your driver. How to type “Device Manager” from the search window “Start” menu. Then open the “Device Manager” window. Then switch to “Display Adapter”. Select the display adapter that you are using, then select “Update driver” and follow the instructions shown on the screen.


That is what can be described in this article that discusses how to adjust the screen brightness on a Windows computer. Never delay to do it.

Last word:

High Screen brightness very harmful for our eyes. We should care about it. Because the eyes are the most important part of our human body. So adjust your computer screen brightness and save your eyes. This way will help you totally. Hope you like this tips. Please leave a positive comment in below, thank you.

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