How to format SD card on windows 10

How to format SD card on windows 10? If somebody wants to know about it. Then I tell them this kind of solution that I will discuss below. Ok, let’s come to the point.

One of the most powerful ways to clean data or viruses on a microSD card is to format it.

Reformatting is a way to restore storage memory to an empty state with a certain type of storage. This can be done to correct some of the problems that often occur in storage media.

For now, formatting a microSD card can be done in many ways. In fact, users can do it through Android devices or laptops.

How to Format an SD Card on an Android Device

  1. Install the microSD card into an Android device
  2. Then enter the Settings menu on the card-installed device
  3. After that, scroll down and enter the Storage option
  4. Tap the name of the microSD card that has been installed on an Android device
  5. Select the menu in the upper right corner, then select Storage Settings
  6. Then select the Format option, and click the ERASE & FORMAT button

Different series and models, the way to format MicroSD cards on Android also varies. However, basically, users can follow the steps described earlier.

By using the method above, users can format a MicroSD card without the need for computer or laptop devices. However, if the user is confused about following the steps above, the user can try several third-party applications to do it.

To note, users should back up data before doing this.

How to Format an SD Card on a Windows Laptop

  1. Connect the microSD card to the laptop, with the Card Reader if there is no microSD card slot
  2. Open-File Explorer by pressing the Windows key along with the E button
  3. Look for the microSD card partition, usually found in My Computer or This PC
  4. Right-click on the MicroSD card partition, then select Format
  5. Select the File System to be used, users can choose NTFS for Windows system file systems, FAT32 that is most compatible with MicroSD cards, or exFAT for Windows or Mac OS file systems
  6. When you have finished selecting, click the Start button and OK

How to Format an SD Card

On some Microsoft Windows operating systems, formatting a MicroSD card can be done in the manner described earlier. However, it does not rule out the possibility, users will find things that are quite different, related to the location of buttons and menus.

SD cards are already formatted

Those who buy new SD cards or microSD cards usually find these formatted in their packaging. The FAT12 / 16 file format is used for cards up to 2 GB and FAT32 for cards from 2 GB to 32 GB, which are familiar to smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. For cards over 32 GB, the exFAT file format from Microsoft is used, which more and more mobile devices and cameras know – but not all. This is also the reason why mobile devices that do not know exFAT specify the maximum size for the SD card and microSD card to be 32 GB.

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