How to enable 5ghz wifi on windows 10

How to enable 5ghz wifi on windows 10? If you value a stable WLAN, it works in 5GHz mode. Stupid only if Windows networks prefer the ole 2.4-network. But that can be changed!

Whether video streaming, online gambling or just like that: A wobbly Wi-Fi is one of the biggest nuisances of modern computer use. Not only we have therefore always recommended the use of WLAN connections in the more effective 5 GHz band. Just stupid that some Windows computers still prefer to connect with fault-prone 2.4 GHz networks. But you can teach your Windows servant to favor 5GHz networks.
How to enable 5ghz wifi on windows 10

This is especially a problem when a router offers a 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz network under the same name, which is standard on many devices. Of course, the prerequisite for using the more efficient tape is that your laptop or desktop also has a suitable WLAN module for the modern networks. If that is the case, you can use it in the following ways:

1. Open Device Manager

First, open the Device Manager of Windows. In addition, there are felt 50 different ways;) starting from Windows 8.1 and in the current Windows 10 you can use for example the practical  Windows key + X – menu and click here on device manager. Alternatively, you can use the Run dialog in all versions of Windows. Press  Windows key + R and type  MMC devmgmt.msc. And if you do not like it, you can also easily access Device Manager from the Windows Start menu.

Open Device Manager

The fastest way to the device manager is the new system menu

2. Open the properties of the WLAN module

In the Device Manager, expand the Network Adapters category. Here you have to identify your WLAN module. Unfortunately, the corresponding cards in each PC are a little different. A sure indication is a suffix like “wireless” or “WiFi”. If you are not sure, call the network connections via the start menu. Here Windows lists under the item “WiFi” or “WLAN” the corresponding name. Have you identified the adapter, click on the corresponding entry with the right mouse button and choose from the context menu the point properties.

Find network adapter

Opens the properties of your WLAN adapter

3. prefer 5GHz Wi-Fi

Changes in the settings to the Advanced tab. Here it is now unfortunately complicated a second time. You need to find the right setting to prioritize the 5GHz networks. In our example with a Realtek WLAN adapter, this is relatively simple: Click on  Preferred Band and select 5G first in the menu. As soon as you take over the settings, the PC will first connect to a 5 GHz network in the future and only fall back to the 2.4 GHz band if the former does not work. If you find an entry like Wireless Mode instead, you should select this from the default  Autoswitch to a mode in which 5 GHz networks are preferred. For example, the best setting would be  I> EEE 802.11 a / n / ac. More information about the network modes can be found in your local Wikipedia 😉


As soon as you take over the settings, Windows prefers in the future the modern WLAN mink, which should fix so many a WLAN problem.

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