How to choose a Vacuum Cleaner

How to choose a Vacuum Cleaner

Shopping for such a big-ticket purchase for your home among so many different options can be difficult. Would you pick a canister vacuum for its flexibility or an upright vacuum for easy movement. There’s also the option to pick a handheld vacuum for moving from room to room or even better those newer robot vacuums that could save you valuable time. In order to help you pick the best type of vacuum cleaner with a clean head, we have gathered all the factors that helped us pick the best one for our home in this little guide so take your time to read along.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

How to choose a Vacuum Cleaner
How to choose a Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuums

This design is still the most popular. The suction pump can be found at the bottom of the vacuum while the bag is attached on top of the handle. Upright Vacuums are very effective when cleaning from wall to wall thanks to their Swivel caster system for better maneuverability, while on the other hand they are very difficult to use in small areas, narrow spaces and stairs. Upright Vacuums have a cleaning path width that ranges from 12 to 15 inches depending on the model and most have carpet height adjustment option.


Due to their design upright vacuums are easier to store when not in used. Their wider cleaning path makes them more efficient and they are generally best option for deep cleaning carpets.


Upright Vacuums are noisier than canister models most of the time. They also weight a lot which makes moving around while cleaning harder. There are also some lighter models than can be considered in case you decide for a upright type vacuum.

Canister vacuums

This type is mostly seem in Eastern countries. The are often quitter than the upright models and most are able to clean carpets as well as the uprights.


They are a better candidate for clean bare floors, under furniture and in tight spaces. Handling a canister vacuum seems easier as they are light and you are mostly moving the hose and not the entire vacuum.


It is harder to store when not in use due to the bulkier hose.

Handheld vacuums

Handheld vacuums are ideal for cleaning small areas quickly without having to drag a full sized vacuum. This small vacuum can be found both as corded and cordless models.


They are extremely useful for cleaning car’s interior. They can handle light cleaning and small mess. It is easy to store a hand vacuum due to its size and most of them as wall mountable. They are ideal for any difficult to reach place.


The are less powerful than the canister and upright models so they can hardly be used as a primary vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuums

This is a growing category of vacuums that once were considered relatively expensive. The technology has come many steps forward and some models can even be remotely controlled.


This is the ideal vacuum for those that don’t really like to vacuum. The best models can found their way around while you relax.


Obviously they can not much the cleaning abilities of a canister or upright models.

Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums are ideal for when you need a light wight and use to store vacuum. They are similar to upright models but many of them are battery powered.


They are light-weight, easier to maneuver and practical at storing when not in use.


They lack performance compared to canister and upright models. They are likely compared to handheld vacuums as far as capacity and performance are concerned.

Choosing the best type of Vacuum Cleaner for your needs!

How often do you vacuum?

To be honest there is nothing to be embarrassed of. A lot of people don’t have the time for this task everyday. But let’s be honest as the frequency you will use the vacuum cleaner is a major factor.

For example if you implement the task to your daily schedule a versatile light-weight vacuum will fit you perfectly while on the other hand if you maintain your home weekly, a more powerful vacuum cleaner will serve you better. Do you find yourself cleaning a large home from wall to wall or you are a constant cleaner who would fancy a portable handheld vacuum?

Would you vacuum mostly bare floors

A versatile canister vacuum with a long extension cord would be your best fit as this would help you vacuum large areas but also fetch dirt from tight spaces and corners. Its bare-floor brush make it the ideal candidate but in case you would prefer an upright vacuum make sure your preferred model let you turn the brush off in order to use it effectively on bare floors.

Would you vacuum on a wall to wall carpet?

The ideal model would have a dirt sensor so as to reduce the unnecessary back and forth movement. You would ideally want a vacuum cleaner with adjustable-height brush for improved cleaning performance. Depending on the room an upright vacuum would make wall to wall movement easier whereas a canister vacuum would be great only with a long cord so keep that in mind if you have a large space to clean.

Do you have stairs?

An upright vacuum would make cleaning the stairs very frustrating task, whereas a canister vacuum with a long hose would make the job a breeze. Consider a light-weight vacuum if you need to plan to vacuum more than one floor. Don’t forget to check the included attachments that could help you deal with various task you may haven’t thought you would face. Picking a vacuum cleaner for the entire house would require more extras, for example the ability to clean mattresses, dusting ceiling fans a bookcases apart from dealing only with pet hair. You can always consider a portable second vacuum for the every day tasks and having the ability to move between floors for smaller cleaning tasks.

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