How much food should i feed my dog

How much food should I feed my dog? There are still many people who keep dogs giving their dogs to eat bones like chicken bones or beef bones. My parents used to do this, they collected leftover bones from the dining table and given them to dogs.

How much food should I feed my dog

Great progress has been made in research into the nutritional needs of dogs. Nowadays, most dogs are fed with commercially available supplies. These foods are generally composed by special nutritionists to meet the particular nutritional needs of the dog. As a result, dogs nowadays live longer and the quality of their lives has generally improved. See also: best bog crate for separation anxiety

It is preferable to give your dog dry food because this compared to canned food:

Give your dog a meal food, that is, an ever weighed amount of food. Leave the food for 10 minutes and then take the container away. Make sure there is constantly fresh drinking water available. And give the right amount of nutrition, depending on body weight and age of the dog.

A dog in growth needs 25 grams of nutrition per kg of body weight, an adult dog only 10 grams per kg of body weight per day. A dosing schedule is available at the veterinary clinic.

It is absolutely not true that a dog often needs a change of composition and/or taste. Although the intention is good, you better not give any parts of your own meal. This food does more harm than good because it is often too fat and too salty. Moreover, the dog will be satisfied with the healthy food and stay healthy.

If you stick to the daily amount of food, you prevent your dog from getting overweight. The correct amount of food for your dog can be read in the table on the food package. If there are any uncertainties about this, you can always consult your veterinarian.

Dietary advice for the adult dog in grams per day:

A weight of dog in kg Amount of food
in grams per day
2.5 kg 60
5 kg 100
10 kg 170
15 kg 230
20 kg 285
25 kg 335
30 kg 385
35 kg 430
40 kg 480
50 kg 565
60 kg 650
70 kg 730

Last Word:

There are also Dog Parents who use a free feed system, which means giving a meal in 1 day in a dining bowl and letting the dog eat when he is hungry, this system is practical for dogs that can manage their meals, but not suitable for dogs that do not like to eat, or to like to eat so it is spent at once.

We recommend eating 2 times a day so that your dog stays appetite but doesn’t starve. Now for this post, hopefully, this simple information can help you. 

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