Fastest Truck in the World

Fastest Truck in the World

Volvo Iron Knight, the Fastest Truck in the World

Fastest Truck in the World
Fastest Truck in the World

Volvo has recently proven that trucks can also have high performance and are capable of racing.

This was proven by the Swedish vehicle manufacturer by creating a racing truck that was named Iron Knight.

If you still don’t believe that the truck is capable of racing fast, two awards are ready to prove it.

First, the Iron Knight is able to conquer the 500-meter track in 13.71 seconds with an average speed of 131.29 kilometers per hour.

And traveling a distance of 1,000 meters only takes 21.29 seconds with an average speed of 169 km/hour.

This can be achieved thanks to the 12,800 cc 6 cylinder engine that is carried.

The super large engine is capable of producing 2,400 horsepower and 5,993 Nm of torque.

In fact, Iron Knight’s driver, Boije Ovebrink, said that the truck was able to run up to 276 km/hour.

The international motorsports federation, the FIA, is currently reviewing the incision obtained by the truck weighing up to 4.5 tons.

More Information About Volvo Iron Knight

The Volvo Truck Division can be a little arrogant with the technology applied in this truck for the past few years, as shown in several official Volvo videos previously with Magnus Samuelsson (the strongest person in the world pulling 750 tons of Volvo trucks from the factory), Charlie (a hamster who drive a truck) and Jean-Claude Van Damme as the star.

However, specifically for Iron Knight, the action this time was very impressive and was able to save all aspects of the Volvo Truck division.

Ready to go on the starting line, Iron Knight broke the record distance of 1,000 meters with a time of 21.29 seconds at a maximum speed of 171 miles/hour (276 km/hour), with an average speed of over 100 miles/hour; Iron Knight has set a new record for a distance of 500 meters.

Volvo will sprint to reach speeds of 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, which is the same as the acceleration of the Porsche 911 Carrera. It is very unusual for vehicles weighing around five tons.

Immerse the middle engine with Kubkasi 13 liter six-cylinder diesel and four turbochargers as well as intercooler making Iron Knight produces extraordinary power, 2,400 horsepower, and 4,425 torque. The aerodynamic concept of the cabin, fibers, wipers and other electronic components are embedded in this truck.

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 The Fastest 2,400 HP Trucks in the World

Volvo built Iron Volvo to set a new record in the speed of the world’s fastest truck.

And now, Volvo is also appalling the automotive world by re-creating a new history with the presence of their latest truck named Iron Knight which successfully broke the previous record.

As information, the truck was presented specifically to break the record, but it still uses engines and transmissions from Volvo production trucks.

Best 5 trucks

  1. Truck Hino

Hino is one of the best-selling truck production in Indonesia and it is all proven by the many types of mini trucks in Indonesia. besides that, the Hino truck also has a strong performance even though this truck has been loaded and not only that on the steering system already uses power steering. Hino trucks also produce several types such as Hino Dutro, Hino Ranger, Hino Dump, Hino Mixer. All types are intended to meet consumers according to their individual needs so that consumers can choose their own type which he needs and ccock for his business.

  1. Mitsubishi Fusso

For this type of truck that is no less great than other types of trucks, this truck does have a very tough performance both on horizontal and uphill roads. This truck that has a 3-diamond logo has indeed been proven to be of high quality, so many are interested in this truck. Mitsubishi itself has produced several types of trucks that have been successful in the Indonesian automotive market, namely the Fuso Turbo Intercooler type, Colt Diesel, and also the Tractor Head. The three types of trucks have very reliable performance and have been equipped with a power steering system so that these trucks are easy to drive and also control.

  1. Isuzu Giga

Isuzu Giga is a truck made from Isuzu and this truck is also one of the best-selling trucks because this truck has very strong power and is also one of the choices of Indonesian trucks. For this one truck brand is indeed famous for its king of diesel cars and also very fuel efficient. For the type of Giga itself, there are many types of types that can be selected according to their individual needs. In addition, Isuzu also provides several other types such as the ELF and C-series, both types are trucks that are almost the same as Isuzu Giga trucks.

  1. Nissan UD

For an automated friend, of course, not many people know about this truck, and automotive buddies need to know that this truck is very in demand in the Indonesian automotive market. Especially by having a very tough performance and also features that are very sophisticated and have modern technology. Especially for the Quester type that has been equipped with a real-time Fuel Coaching System, the system can guide the driver by driving economically. Nissan UD has provided several types that can be selected such as CKE Series, CDE Series, CGE Series, CWE Series, GKE Series, GWE Series.

  1. Scania

Who does not know Scania truck, a truck manufacturer from Europe? Of course, for automotive buddies who are familiar with this one truck, the truck is well-known for its engine performance and has sophisticated features. In addition to good performance, Scania trucks are also famous for their high prices, but it doesn’t discourage enthusiasts from having any of the available types. And you need to know that this Scania truck is designed to transport very heavy goods, friends.

The truck is one of the best trucks in Indonesia, which is widely passed on the streets throughout Indonesia. in Indonesia alone, the demand for this type of truck is increasing significantly, especially for the type of Colt Diesel. For Mitsubishi Fuso and Hino is the best truck in Indonesia which is most interested in by the Indonesian community, especially for middle-low entrepreneurs. Of the five best trucks in Indonesia, of course, automotive friends can conclude that the truck is a type of vehicle that is very much needed for transport services between cities or between pilau and even to other countries.

Last Words:

However, many believe that the Iron Knight incision will make it the fastest truck in the world.

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