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How to uninstall utorrent windows 10

Uninstalling the BitTorrent client uTorrent does not always work. We show we remove the program completely manually. When installing uTorrent, it may happen that a Bitcoin Miner is installed. You uninstall him and uTorrent actually via the Control Panel by selecting in the Windows program list each entry Epic Scale […]

How to uninstall windows 10 after 30 days

How to Uninstall in Windows 10 Not all updates released by Microsoft can improve the performance or solve problems that exist on your PC. Although Microsoft does very intensive testing on each update, because of the variety of PC software and products, sometimes updates actually make performance decrease and even some report not booting […]

How to set default printer in windows 10

Are you a printer user on Windows 10? You may have recently encountered some small issues. Indeed, the new operating system of Microsoft usually put your last printer as the default printer. Convenient at first, this can quickly become a hassle if you work with various devices. In order to overcome this disadvantage, […]