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Surely someday you have come home and you have found that your dog has thrown everything that was in the garbage can on the floor and you have had to clean it, or you have seen how your dog went stealthily to the kitchen and stole leftovers from the meal for a snack.

Well, if this is your case or something similar happens to you, we recommend that you continue reading this article from Animal Expert where you will find the reasons why your pet has this behavior, the risks it may have for their health and the guidelines you should follow if you want to end this habit.

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How to prevent my dog ​​from opening the garbage can? Find out with these tricks below.

Why does my dog ​​eat garbage?

The reason your dog eats litter is not unique and can be due to a number of reasons, whether or not it is when you are at home:

  • The main (and most common) reason your dog opens the garbage can to eat everything in it is because of his animal instinct. Everyone knows that dogs have a super developed sense of smell and that it is 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful when compared to ours.

  • Another reason why dogs eat garbage is because of the pleasant sensation produced by bringing food to their mouths that they are not used to. Just as we like to eat different things every day and try different flavors and not always the same, the dogs also find it more attractive to eat different things that are not their usual feed, and that is why some take what they catch from the garbage can and they eat it nervously as if it were a reward in the form of a treat.

  • The fact that the dog is left alone at home and suffers from separation anxiety may also be one of the reasons. This is more common than we think and many times they often open the garbage can to eat food or simply throw everything on the floor, so that when you return home, they manage to capture your attention and make you know that they do not like you to leave and leave them alone because they get nervous, among other things.

Risks to your health

In addition to the garbage that they have been able to remove from the bucket and throw on the ground that, logically, you are going to have to clean, there are many more problems that can affect your pet at the health level when he eats some of the garbage and they are:

  • Eat foods that are toxic to your bodies, such as coffee or chocolate, or some toxic plants that you have thrown away, such as daffodils, and this can affect them with different diseases to a greater or lesser degree.

  • Also eat foods that are not toxic but that are in bad condition or rotten for several days in the garbage can, and that can also have serious intestinal consequences.

  • Injure themselves by cutting or pricking themselves with some broken glass, piece of metal, cardboard or plastic, the nose or the legs when they put it in the garbage can, or even the entire digestive system if they swallow it.

  • They can also choke on any of these mentioned objects or on some very large or chipped bone, which would seriously affect their health.

  • Likewise, they can suffer poisoning, and in the worst case, die from ingesting some chemical that we have thrown in the garbage and that has impregnated the leftover food that there was or other objects.

At the slightest sign that your dog has ingested something harmful to his health by eating from the garbage can, quickly go to a good veterinarian to help him as soon as possible.

Prevent my dog ​​from opening the garbage can

To prevent your dog from opening the garbage can and eating everything it catches, prevention is one of the easiest solutions, but no less important, that we must consider. For this, one of the best options is that you take out the trash every time you go out of the house, thus preventing your pet from finding the full bucket.

If you can’t do this because you can’t fill the garbage can every time you go outside, put it in a kitchen closet or somewhere closed where your dog can’t easily access it and cover it well so that it dislodges the minimum possible odors, so we will avoid much more than managing to open the cube.

If the reason your dog rummages in the garbage can is separation anxiety, as we have seen in the first section, a good solution to this problem would be to use the kong , a toy that is filled with dog food and which also helps them relax.

Although prevention is very important, dog education is at the same level and therefore, every time you are at home and you see your dog open the garbage can, say “NO” firmly and emphatically so that he understands that it’s something you shouldn’t do.

You can also try putting a little ground pepper in the lid

of the bucket so that each time your pet sticks its head in a sneeze, associate the rummaging through the garbage can with sneezing. Eventually you will understand and know that if you put your head in the trash, a good round of sneezing awaits you.

Finally, another good trick to keep your dog open the garbage or rummage in containers if you paseándolo down the street giving a treat for dogs bitter or some unpalatable for your pet and end up associating the bad taste the mouth that produces the candy with the food from the garbage and will stop doing it with time.

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